WOMAN Be Free / ¡Mujer, Sé Libre!

WOVEN in Grace gathered 138 registered women together to minister healing in the area of sexual abuse, sexual assault, molestation as a child or other abuse traumas. The ministry this weekend had an emphasis on recovering mentally, emotionally and physically.  The Word of God went forth concerning God's will concerning forgiveness as well as discussing the grieving process involved with the healing process.  The conference was represented by 8 FCF churches and 10 other denominations,  for a total of 18 churches coming together in unity, the love of God and to encourage each other toward freedom from our past. There were 4 salvations, 1 deliverance and numerous testimonies of emotional healing.   We were grateful for the partnership with  Iglesia Guerreros de Fe and Pastora  
Margarita Garcia de Zamora. Also,  thank APTOS Ministries, Rev Wilma Sonera for her many contributions to the success of this meeting.  Other team members who we couldn't have done this without are Rev Joyce Hughes and Azucena Hughes.