• Brenda’s Story

She had a life of extensive sexual abuse, as early as preschool age, by 7 different men before the age of 15. Brenda lived on her own from the age of 15. She was also raped by men she knew as a young adult. By the age of 22, Brenda met the Lord as her Savior and began a journey to healing and wholeness. The Lord gave her a mandate to share with others what she learned on the path to recovering from sexual assault. She began living in the joy of the Lord, walking in forgiveness and helping others to learn to live in peace and delivered from the anxiety which came from the pain of their past.

  • Let’s Get Real We Need Help
    • Most people do not want to admit that something in their past may be affecting their present and future. There is no shame in recognizing our need to receive emotional healing from past hurts, pain, disappointment, or trauma.
  • Grieve the Past to Receive Healing at Last
    • Helping people realize the quickest way to moving on is releasing the pain of the past to our loving Savior, Jesus. Too many bury pain instead of processing it in His presence. The Lord spoke to me at the beginning of my healing journey and said, “If you allow me to reveal it, then I can heal it.” He reveals and He heals.
  • Tools For Transformation
    • Equipping people to receive healing using the tools God has given us which are His word and His Holy Spirit.
  • Forgiveness: The Greatest Gift of Love
    • This is a poignant teaching on the power of forgiveness in our own lives, but also in the lives of the forgiven. We discuss what forgiveness is, and also what it isn’t. 
  • Come boldly to the Throne of Grace
    • Shame is one of the primary weapons of the Devil to keep us from spending time with the One who heals us. It’s time to stop hiding from the Lord and start abiding in the Lord. He is our shield and strong tower. Our protector and our safe place, at the throne of Grace.
  • Accepted, Not Rejected
    • Rejection is exposed as an addiction to believing the worst of God and people when the Bible tells us to believe the best of people. Most people don’t recognize the cycle of rejection that accompanies abuse and just live in the false identity that makes them feel their value is less than our God given identity of righteousness and holiness.
  • What’s Next: Restoration
    • He takes the pain, heartache, and tears from yesterday and they all become part of the masterpiece He has in you. He will use you to testify of His goodness and restoration power.